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NativeBase – Cross-Platform UI Components for React Native

NativeBase is UI component library for React Native, which comes with a great list of Components for easy use. The Components are constructed in pure React Native platform along with some JavaScript functionality with rich set of customisable properties. These … Continue reading

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PanelKit, a UI framework enabling floating and pinned panels on iOS

Great stuff by Louis D’hauwe, a former student of mine: PanelKit is a UI framework that enables panels on iOS. A panel can be presented in the following ways: Modally As a popover Floating (drag the panel around) Pinned (either … Continue reading

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Date/Time Input Types coming to Firefox

Date/Time Input Types are coming to Firefox, and I must say they look quite good too (as a reference: here’s how Chrome implemented this): The implementation also looks familiar, doesn’t it? 😉 The date/timepickers are currently locked behind a flag … Continue reading

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Blueprint React UI Toolkit

Blueprint is a collection of React UI components, covering the majority of the common interface elements, patterns and interactions on the web. Using Blueprint ensures that you’ll end up with an elegant, easy-to-use UI, freeing you to focus on building … Continue reading

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Redesigning Chrome desktop

In the beginning of this month of September, the new Chrome Core UI redesign, or so called “Chrome MD” (for Material design), rolled out on Windows as part of our 53rd update. It is the last step of a three … Continue reading

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Three “buckets” of UI animation

Functional: Make sure your animation solves the user’s need first Material: Design consistent UI layers that allow spatially meaningful transitions Delightful: Give your animation some love, and your user will love your product back! Jedi Principles of UI Animation →

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ion-drawer-vertical – A vertical slide out panel (toggle panel) for Ionic

For a current Ionic project I’m working on I needed a vertical slide out panel (toggle panel) to store in some content that may be hidden by the user. As I couldn’t immediately find such a component in Ionic itself … Continue reading

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Characteristics of a well-designed user interface

Great set of slides from my friend Bytte talking about the characteristics of a well-designed UI:

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TETHR – The Most Beautiful iOS Design Kit Ever Made →

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Cloudwash, connected washing machine

Cloudwash is a prototype connected washing machine. Aside from the fact that it’s connected (yay!), it also tackles the interface / input mechanism. Every time whenever I’m in front of the washing machine I find myself guessing which setting to … Continue reading

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