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When Algorithms Design a Concert Hall

The auditorium of Hamburg’s newly opened concert hall, the Elbphilharmonie, looks amazing. The auditorium is a product of parametric design, a process by which designers use algorithms to develop an object’s form. In the case of the Elbphilharmonie, Herzog and … Continue reading

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Style Scoping with Element Queries using EQCSS

Tommy Hodgins on Style Scoping: Style scoping is the idea that you can select an element anywhere in your document to serve as a point of reference as you write styles. To achieve this he uses EQCSS, a JavaScript plugin … Continue reading

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Analysis and reproduction – using jQuery – of the morphing navigation dropdown as seen on Instead of hiding and showing a new dropdown “container” when the user switches from one navigation item to the other, they animate the dropdown … Continue reading

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Data Driven Depression – Determining Radiohead’s Most Sad Song

Radiohead has been my favorite band for a while, so I am used to people politely suggesting that I play something “less depressing.” Much of Radiohead’s music is undeniably sad, and this post catalogs my journey to quantify that sadness, … Continue reading

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Glossary of Modern JavaScript Concepts

Modern JavaScript has experienced massive proliferation over recent years and shows no signs of slowing. Numerous concepts appearing in JS blogs and documentation are still unfamiliar to many front-end developers. In this post series, we’ll learn intermediate and advanced concepts … Continue reading

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Mimic Realistic Networking Conditions on Windows with winShaper

If you’re using macOS then you might be familiar with the XCode bundled “Network Link Conditioner”, a tool to simulate certain specific networking environments. On Windows you can use winShaper for this. The project consists of a traffic-shaping network driver … Continue reading

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Using Machine Learning to Predict Parking Difficulty

No monitoring of parking meters, video feeds, etc. Looking at the users their behavior is the way to do it: Google determined that if users circled around a location like in the picture above, it usually suggested that parking might … Continue reading

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JavaScript immutability-helper – Mutate a copy of data without changing the original source

Dealing with immutable data in JavaScript is more difficult than in languages designed for it, like Clojure. However, we’ve provided a simple immutability helper, update(), that makes dealing with this type of data much easier, without fundamentally changing how your … Continue reading

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Efficiently render large lists and tabular data with react-virtualized

Just like Infinity.js, but then for React. The list is windowed (or “virtualized”) meaning that only the visible rows are rendered. Less DOM nodes = better performance 🙂 Also works with rows that have different heights, something not quite common … Continue reading

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Rome’s Invisible City

Sometime last week “Rome’s Invisible City” aired on the telly here in Belgium. With the help of a team of experts and the latest in 3D scanning technology, Alexander Armstrong, along with Dr Michael Scott, explores the hidden underground treasures … Continue reading

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