Netlify Forms – Manage forms and submissions without any server-side code

Wow, this is an awesome addition to Netlify: On Netlify, any HTML form can instantly accept submissions—no backend code or infrastructure required. As soon as your form is deployed, you start seeing submissions appear in your Netlify dashboard. Just add the netlify attribute to any form and everything gets wired up automatically. Netlify will automatically […]

Use the Bootstrap 3 Glyphicons with Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 no longer bundles (a subset of) glyphicons. Instead, Bootstrap recommends to buy the full set or use a different set of icons. However, if you want to quickly copy-and-paste some stuff over from a legacy Bootstrap 3 project, the easiest of getting the old icons is through loading bootstrap4-glyphicons. It’s a project that […]

The CSS Cascade – Or, How browsers resolve competing CSS styles

Amelia Wattenberger is at it again with this nice interactive page on the CSS Cascade Every time we write a CSS declaration (or rule), it will enter the CSS Cascade, which will determine whether or not it will end up as the final style. The further down the cascade a declaration falls, the less likely […]

New in PHP 8

PHP8 is not released yet (and won’t be until the end of the year), but that doesn’t keep Brent from tracking the RFCs/Proposals and constantly updating this page whenever a new PHP Language Feature is (about to be) approved. In this post I’ll keep an up-to-date list of what’s expected to come: new features, performance […]

React Native + SwiftUI

Kureev Alexey on how to use SwiftUI Components in an React Native App. Today, we’ll write a proxy that allows developers to use SwiftUI in their React Native applications. The Native SwiftUI Button Component looks like this: struct SwiftUIButton : View { @ObservedObject var props = ButtonProps() var body: some View { VStack { Text("Count […]

Google Cloud Build + Google Cloud Run: Fixing “ERROR: ( PERMISSION_DENIED: The caller does not have permission

Google Cloud Build is cool. Google Cloud Run is awesome. But when configuring Google Cloud Build to automatically deploy your built container to Google Cloud Run you might see this error: ERROR: ( PERMISSION_DENIED: The caller does not have permission If you’re seeing this error you forgot to set up the required IAM Permissions for […]