React Navigation 5.0 alpha – Rethinking Navigation as a Component-first API

Just announced at React Native EU is an alpha release of React Navigation 5.0, a navigator for use with React Native. An exploration of a component-first API for React Navigation for building more dynamic navigation solutions. Should play well with static type system Navigation state should be contained in root component (helpful for stuff such […]

pagemap, a mini map navigation for web pages

Many text editors nowadays sport a minimap on the right hand side of the screen. Pagemap is like that, but for webpages: To use it, position a canvas element fixed on your screen, and tell pagemap which elements to include in the map: <canvas id="map"></canvas> #map { position: fixed; top: 0; right: 0; width: 200px; […]

Fixing common performance problems in React Navigation

If you’re using React Navigation in your app(s) you might have noticed these two issues the folks over at November Five have written about: On a few screens – specifically those with lots of components – we started noticing a few things… Right off the bat, there is a substantial delay between the user pressing […]

Meny β€” An experimental CSS 3D fold-in menu

A UI experiment with a 3D fold-in menu. Move your mouse to the left edge of this page β€” or swipe in from the left edge if you’re on a touch device β€” to expand the menu. A refreshing alternative to the already overly common left nav flyout which Facebook introduced in their mobile app. […]

jQuery Mobile Select: jQuery Mobile Navigation Replacement Plugin

A often-used practice in Responsive Web Design is to replace the menu/navigation (<ul>) with a dropdown (<select>) on small devices, this to prevent it from taking up the whole screen. Today, my friend Jochen released a jQuery plugin that does the job for you automagically: jQuery Mobile Select is a jQuery Plugin to replace the […]