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RE: The React is “just” JavaScript Myth

🗣 This was originally posted as a reply over at Dave’s blog. Unfortunately Disqus – the commenting system Dave uses – thinks it’s spam, so I’m posting it here as a full post instead. In his blogpost The React is … Continue reading

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React v16.3.0: New Lifecycle Events and Context API

React 16.3.0 just got released. Next to being able to forward refs and some changes to the lifecycle events it also sports a new Context API which I’ve written about before. Even though the introductory blogpost over at the React … Continue reading

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Convert SVG to JSX with SVGR

Ooh, this one’s handy. Paste in (no drag and drop unfortunately) the contents of an SVG file and out comes the JSX code for immediate use within your React project. SVGR also simplifies your SVG using SVGO (which is also … Continue reading

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Unstated  —  The setState of React State Management

Unstated is designed to build on top of the patterns already set out by React components and (the new) Context. Unstated is built upon three pieces that all work together: Container <Subscribe> <Provider> The idea is that the Container only … Continue reading

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The exciting future of React

Good talk by Kitze on some of the new features of React. Think Error Boundaries, the new Context API, etc. Additionally he also looks forwards to getDerivedStateFromProps, the upcoming deprecation of componentWillMount / componentWillUpdate / componentWillReceiveProps, and the aforementioned (but … Continue reading

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What’s next for React? Beyond React 16

Dan Abramov – of Redux fame – just spoke at JSConf Iceland 2018 previewing two new features that will make it in a future version of React. The first demo shows time slicing, which can be translated to async rendering: … Continue reading

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Proton Native – Create Native Desktop Applications Powered by React

Unlike Electron this one results in true Native Components being outputted. Proton Native does the same to desktop that React Native did to mobile. Build cross-platform apps for the desktop, all while never leaving the React eco-system. Popular React packages … Continue reading

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React’s new context (React 16.3.0)

One of the new things in React 16.3.0 is a new context API: Typically, data in a React application is passed top-down (parent to child) via props. But sometimes it’s useful to pass values through multiple levels of abstraction without … Continue reading

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react-fns – Browser APIs turned into declarative React components and HOCs

react-fns is a collection of imperative Browser API’s turned into declarative React components and higher-order components for lots of common situations. The <Network /> component for example is a wrapper around the Network Information API. import { Network } from … Continue reading

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urql – A Universal React Query Library

Ken Wheeler: There are some amazing solutions in the space already, notably Relay and Apollo, both of which are incredibly full-featured, brilliantly engineered, and wonderfully flexible. That said, these libraries might feel like a bit much to get started with … Continue reading

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