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Easier imports with Webpack’s resolve.alias

One of the things I find annoying when using import in my JS code is the fact that you need to refer to other local files using (relative) paths. Like so: // Without resolve.alias 😭 import Modal from ‘../../../components/objects/modal/modal’; Coming … Continue reading

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Inspecting Redux Stores without the Redux Devtools

Checking out the Redux Store of Soundcloud Redux Back in the day I learnt a lot by hitting CTRL+U (View Source) on websites. Nowadays I still check the source code of some apps, yet it’s become a tad more difficult … Continue reading

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Optimize React Performance

Good advice every React dev should be aware of: React is known to be blazingly fast with its Virtual DOM implementation. However, even with React’s built-in performance, there are instances when the UI can begin to feel sluggish. The primary … Continue reading

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Never Write Another HOC, use a render Prop

Michael Jackson on stepping away from HOCs, and using a render Prop instead. instead of “mixing in” or decorating a component to share behavior, just render a regular component with a function prop that it can use to share some … Continue reading

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Leveraging New Features of React 16

Earlier this week React 16 got released … yay! 🎉 To explain all the new features, Nik Graf has posted a short series on React 16 over at Egghead. The videos are free to watch and only take up 17 … Continue reading

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Playing with React VR

The folks at Hashrocket have a nice introductory writeup on getting started with the aforementioned React VR. So if you’ve been doing React or React Native for the past months, you’ll see that React VR is super simple to get … Continue reading

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Strategies for Derailing a React Conversation

Fun list tweeted just now by Redux creator Dan Abramov: Strategies for derailing a React conversation: HOC vs render props Is binding functions expensive CSS in JS PATENTS Redux Web Components class vs className <If> Size of node_modules Context I … Continue reading

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10 Redux tips to scale your dev team

Recently I landed a gig at a company to help their team out with their React work (using Redux). This list of tips – save for number 10 – resonates quite well with what I’ve been introducing there: Plan 1 … Continue reading

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Create interactive SVG maps in React with react-simple-maps

react-simple-maps is a library of React components to make SVG maps using d3-geo and topojson. react-simple-maps → Whilst looking further I’ve stumbled upon these two Medium posts detailing an implementation: How to create pure react SVG maps with topojson and … Continue reading

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How to use Redux in highly scalable JavaScript applications

Alexis Mangin: I have recently worked on the first version of a React-Native mobile app for one of my clients, which desired to architecture the app in a scalable way for a painless experience to add new features later. I … Continue reading

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