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React Food Truck – A curated set of Visual Studio Code extensions for React Developers

Burke Holland: I spent a lot of time combing the depths of the VS Code Extension Marketplace to find the tastiest and most delicious extensions that are guaranteed to make your life as a React developer 129% more enjoyable. All … Continue reading

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Experimental (and exciting) React Feature: Call Return 

Ryan Florence – co-author of React Router – on an experimental React feature: React has a new feature coming that I think is pretty cool. It allows us to compose with React in places we couldn’t compose before. I can … Continue reading

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Developing TV Apps with React-TV

TVs usually have limited graphics acceleration, single core CPUs and high memory usage for a common TV App. These restrictions make super responsive 60fps experiences especially tricky. React-TV is an ecosystem for React Applications on TVs. Includes a Renderer and … Continue reading

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Learn React Fundamentals and Advanced Patterns

Kent C. Dodds – whom you should follow on Twitter – has released two massive video courses on Egghead. Course one touches React Fundamentals: This course is for React newbies and those looking to get a better understanding of React … Continue reading

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React Pattern: Centralized PropTypes

Cory House: In real apps with large objects, using PropTypes quickly leads to a lot of code. That’s a problem, because in React, you’ll often pass the same object to multiple components. Repeating these details in multiple component files breaks … Continue reading

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Handling Redux Side Effects with redux-observable

To handle Redux side effects, I (and others) prefer to writing sagas with redux-saga . After @duivvv mentioned it to me on Twitter redux-observable also caught my eye. At the core site

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Easier imports with Webpack’s resolve.alias

One of the things I find annoying when using import in my JS code is the fact that you need to refer to other local files using (relative) paths. Like so: // Without resolve.alias 😭 import Modal from ‘../../../components/objects/modal/modal’; Coming … Continue reading

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Inspecting Redux Stores without the Redux Devtools

Checking out the Redux Store of Soundcloud Redux Back in the day I learnt a lot by hitting CTRL+U (View Source) on websites. Nowadays I still check the source code of some apps, yet it’s become a tad more difficult … Continue reading

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Optimize React Performance

Good advice every React dev should be aware of: React is known to be blazingly fast with its Virtual DOM implementation. However, even with React’s built-in performance, there are instances when the UI can begin to feel sluggish. The primary … Continue reading

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Never Write Another HOC, use a render Prop

Michael Jackson on stepping away from HOCs, and using a render Prop instead. instead of “mixing in” or decorating a component to share behavior, just render a regular component with a function prop that it can use to share some … Continue reading

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