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AUTOMATICA – Robots vs. Music

Nigel Stanford has created an installation sporting industrial robot arms to play a song named “Automatica” A behind the scenes is also available: Also worth checking out is his “CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music”

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Game of Thrones Fan Theory: Bran Stark is the Night King

It is beautiful beneath the sea, but if you stay too long, you’ll drown. Game of Thrones Theories: The identity of the Night king (based on TV series-facts) →

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Upgrades for Google Maps Street View

Google is rolling out upgraded cars with upgraded camera rigs to capture Street View imagery. The new camera rig will help capture photos that are clearer, higher in resolution, and more vivid in color. Like the old design, the rig … Continue reading

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DolphinAttack: Hacking Voice Assistants with Inaudible Voice Commands

About a year ago it came to my attention that voice assistants such as Siri can lead to easily exploitable security issues. As voice assistants are not aware who is talking to them, it doesn’t matter if it’s you or … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones Season 7: VFX Breakdown

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Era of Ease – Ketamine Kettle

This tech house mix by Era of Ease has been on repeat the past month. Very good drive. If you’re into Solomun, Âme, or Moderat you’ll like it too 😉 Tracklist: [0:00] Dead End Thrills (Patrice Bäumel Remix) – Cubicolor … Continue reading

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Arya vs Brienne Lightsaber Duel

Arya Stark fights Brienne of Tarth making for an epic Lightsaber duel. Geeks rejoice!

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Fastlane Screencast: Integrate fastlane into your Ionic Framework build process

fastlane are an awesome bunch of tools. Josh Holtz has recently started Fastlane Screencast, a website with videos/tutorials for explaining and implementing built-in fastlane tools, fastlane actions, third-party fastlane plugins, continuous integration, and anything else that fastlane can possibly do. … Continue reading

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When Twitter Refuses to Delete Abusive Tweets …

Shahak Shapira: Over the last months, I reported about 300 hate tweets. Twitter failed to delete most of them, so I sprayed them in front of their office. Nice guerilla action. Hopefully this will now get Twitter’s attention. Sidenote: Dustin … Continue reading

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Announcing Conduct AR!

The creators of “Conduct THIS!” are building an AR version of their game: Lookin’ good! Sidenote: If you want to follow iOS specific AR projects, be sure to follow @MadeWithARKit on Twitter. You’ll find some inspiring stuff on there.

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