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Clippy – CSS clip-path Maker

Handy tool to creating shapes to use with the clip-path CSS property. Comes with some easy to use predefined shapes. The clip-path property allows you to make complex shapes in CSS by clipping an element to a basic shape (circle, … Continue reading

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Firefox DevTools’ Layout Panel Improvements for CSS Grid

Nice work by the Firefox DevTools Team: Available in Firefox Nightly (for now). Powerful New Additions to the CSS Grid Inspector in Firefox Nightly →

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Changing SVG path data with CSS

Another great thing I learnt at CSS Day is that it’s possible to alter SVG path data – which is to be found in its d attribute – using CSS. As Chris Coyier demoed, one can overwrite the SVG’s path … Continue reading

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Breaking Elements out of Their Containers in CSS

A common thing to see in a design are visuals that break out of the main content column. You most likely have already seen this kind of design over at Medium for example, where it’s common for the main visual … Continue reading

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Aspect Ratios in CSS are a Hack

👋 Hello new visitors! Looks like this post has been getting some attention, bringing you here … welcome! 🙂 If you happen to like this kind of post: my blog is packed with lots more stuff like this, all curated … Continue reading

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Nicer CSS underlines with text-decoration-skip: ink;

When applying text-decoration: underline; on an element, the line drawn will cross descenders. Using text-decoration-skip one can control the behavior of the underline The text-decoration-skip CSS property specifies what parts of the element’s content any text decoration affecting the element … Continue reading

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CSS Shapes, Clipping and Masking

The release of Firefox 54 is just around the corner and it will introduce new features into an already cool CSS property: clip-path. clip-path is a property that allows us to clip (i.e., cut away) parts of an element. Up … Continue reading

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How the CSS minmax() Function Works

One incredibly useful new feature introduced with the CSS Grid Layout Specification is the minmax() function. This function opens the door to us being able to write much more powerful and succinct CSS by allowing us to set, as a … Continue reading

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Split emoji text effect with CSS

Thanks to some absolute positioning, hue-rotation, and even some clipping you can create nice split emoji: I especially like the experiments near the lower part of the demo, where one emoji is used as a modifier for the other (e.g. … Continue reading

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Pure CSS Crossword (CSS Grid)

Nice demo of a pure CSS Crossword Puzzle, built using CSS Grid. Be sure to check out the validation rules too, they’re built using the General Sibling Selector (e.g. ~): #item1-1:valid ~ #item1-2:valid ~ #item1-3:valid ~ #item1-4:valid ~ #item1-5:valid ~ … Continue reading

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