React Native Bottom Sheet (Slide Up Panel)

A common pattern in Mobile Apps is to have a Bottom Sheet / Slide Up Panel. React Native Slack Bottom Sheet is a wrapper around Slack’s native PanModal component for iOS.

import SlackBottomSheet from 'react-native-slack-bottom-sheet';

 <View style={StyleSheet.absoluteFillObject}>
     <Lorem />

React Native Slack Bottom Sheet →
PanModal →

💁‍♂️ If you’re looking for a slide up panel that also works on Android check out rn-sliding-up-panel, a pure JS implementation.

Note that it will require some tweaking before you get a somewhat similar result like its native counterpart. — I remember it took me quite some time to get everything right while working on the EV-Point App.

😅 Still an Ionic 1 Developer? I once created a similar component for it. It didn’t feel natural at all because the gestures weren’t implemented properly (because: Deadlines™). Eventually we implemented in the project I was then working on, but without the ability to manually drag it.

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