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The amazing Instagram account @caseymcperry

The instagram account @caseymcperry is really amazing. Not only does Casey spread his content across multiple single photos (as has been done before), but he also has them set up as a collage: (via @netlash)

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Pure CSS Francine – An 18th-Century Oil Painting Recreated with HTML and CSS

Handcrafted recreation of an 18th-century oil painting using just HTML and CSS. Here’s an analysis of it using the Chrome DevTools, as recorded by Paul Irish: Chrome only though: Because of the artistic nature of this project I have not … Continue reading

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What the React Native docs forgot to tell you about animations

Good article by Karen de Graaf to use along with the React Native docs on Animations Unfortunately React Native’s documentation about animations is not so great. Some things are explained rather vaguely and other things are plain missing. That’s why … Continue reading

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“last 2 versions” considered harmful

When using babel-preset-env with the list of supported browsers set to “last 2 versions” – which I am doing used to do – you’re basically supporting browsers that are dead or have no users. Take Internet Explorer for example. It’s … Continue reading

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Best Practices With CSS Grid Layout

Rachel Andrew: An increasingly common question — now that people are using CSS Grid Layout in production — seems to be “What are the best practices?” The short answer to this question is to use the layout method as defined … Continue reading

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ngrok – Public URLs for exposing your local web server

To make a local server available to the outside world you could use a service like xip.io. Only problem is that xip.io doesn’t play that nice with firewalls and stuff like that. Recently I used ngrok to solve just that. … Continue reading

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Let’s play with Chrome’s Face Detection API

Recently Wes Bos sent out this tweet: 😮 Did you know Chrome has a FaceDetector API? — Wes Bos 🔥 (@wesbos) March 20, 2018 Sparked by that tweet, João Miguel Cunha set out to play with it. The code itself … Continue reading

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Scroll to the future – CSS and JavaScript features that make navigating around a single page smooth, beautiful and less resource-hungry.

Very in-depth article on Evil Martians’ team blog on scrolling: We have scrolled to the bottom of modern web specifications to take you on a whirlwind tour of latest CSS and JavaScript features that make navigating around a single page … Continue reading

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The dots do matter: how to scam a Gmail user

Recently James Fisher received an email from Netflix asking him to update his credit card information. “Odd,” I thought, “but OK, I’ll check.” The email is genuinely from netflix.com, so I clicked the link. It logged me in and took … Continue reading

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FontCode – Putting hidden messages in text snippets by adjusting individual glyphs

Provided a text document with specific fonts, our method embeds user-specified information in the text by perturbing the glyphs of text characters while preserving the text content. We devise an algorithm to choose unobtrusive yet machine-recognizable glyph perturbations, leveraging a … Continue reading

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