Front Line PHP – Building modern web applications with PHP 8

The folks over at Spatie are at it again, this time with Front Line PHP. An ebook on cutting edge tactics in PHP 8, accompanied by videos and practical examples. The videos covering the new additions to PHP 8 are free to watch, and should give you an idea of what you can expect. At […]

(t,i,x,y) => “creative code golfing”

Martin Kleppe has created, “the most minimalist creative coding environment” as he calls it Control the size and color of a 16×16 dot matrix with a single JavaScript function. The input is limited to 32 characters – but no limits to your creativity! I especially like how the site starts off with some simple […]

The Raven Technique: One Step Closer to Container Queries

Building further upon The Holy Albatross technique, comes The Raven Technique by Mathias Hülsbusch: I want to get closer to actual container queries! So, what does CSS have offer that I could tap into? I have a mathematical background, so functions like calc(), min(), max() and clamp() are things I like and understand. Next step: […]

Webbed Briefs – Brief videos about web technologies and how to make the most of them.

Heydon is back with a new project named “Webbed Briefs”: WEBBED BRIEFS are brief videos about the web, its technologies, and how to make the most of them. They’re packed with information, fun times™, and actual goats. Yes, it’s a vlog, but it isn’t on Youtube. Unthinkable! The first video is entitled “What Is ARIA […]

Operator Lookup — Search JavaScript Operators

Handy tool by Josh W. Comeau to look up JavaScript operators. JavaScript Operator Lookup → 🤩 If you’ve been following for a while you might already know that my favourite operators are the optional chaining operator (.?) and the null coalescing operator (??). Definitely check them out as they will change the way you […]