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Improve the GitHub Website with “Refined GitHub”

Refined GitHub is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox “that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features”. The nice list of additions includes URL Condensing (pictured above) and Markdown preservation when copying comments (pictured below). The extension is … Continue reading

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Apollo Launchpad – The GraphQL Server Demo Platform

Think of CodePen but for GraphQL: This is a tool you can use build, deploy, and share a simple GraphQL API right from your browser. We think it’s a great way to experiment with GraphQL and share examples of different … Continue reading

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Full-stack React + GraphQL Tutorial

An extensive 5-part tutorial by the Apollo folks, using their own Apollo Client to communicate with the GraphQL Server: Despite the great advantages of using GraphQL [over REST], the first step can be a bit daunting. That’s why I’ve started … Continue reading

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Service Worker Gotchas

Osvaldas Valutis from kollegorna.se has written an in-depth article on Service Workers

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Clippy – CSS clip-path Maker

Handy tool to creating shapes to use with the clip-path CSS property. Comes with some easy to use predefined shapes. The clip-path property allows you to make complex shapes in CSS by clipping an element to a basic shape (circle, … Continue reading

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SlingStudio – Portable, Wireless Live Video Production

Color me impressed: SlingStudio is the integrated solution for creating and sharing professional-quality content. Connect all of your video sources – including professional cameras and smartphones – to SlingStudio’s video-grade Wi-Fi network for synchronizing and broadcasting live video. SlingStudio’s portability … Continue reading

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Connect multiple mobile screens together with Swip.js

What if all your mobile devices were a single screen? This probably isn’t the most common question to ask yourself. But, just for a second, actually think about it. Think about all the possibilities of being able to combine any … Continue reading

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Opera 46 and Chrome 59 now support APNG (Animated PNG)

This part of the Opera 46 release notes got me very excited: Opera now supports animated PNG, or APNG for short. APNG is a file format that works similarly to GIF. The difference is that APNG is smaller and supports … Continue reading

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Smooth SVG Path Morphing with flubber

The goal of this library is to provide a best-guess interpolation for any two arbitrary shapes (or collections of shapes) that results in a reasonably smooth animation, without overthinking it. Installation per npm: npm install flubber Note that flubber only … Continue reading

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Learning Vue

I haven’t checked out Vue myself yet (more into React 😉), but this five-part series by Sarah Drasner seems like a very solid start … Rendering, Directives, and Events Components, Props, and Slots Vue-cli and Lifecycle Hooks Vuex Animations Learning … Continue reading

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