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AnimojiStudio – Make Animoji Videos with Unlimited Duration

Record Animoji videos with unlimited duration with this standalone app. This app uses the private AvatarKit framework, the same one that’s used by Apple’s iMessage app. It leverages ReplayKit’s screen recording capabilities to allow for longer recordings than the standard … Continue reading

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Navigating on the next iPhone

Some folks have been poking around in the HomePod Firmware update. Doing so they’ve unearthed the existence of an upcoming face unlock feature using and infrared camera and face detection, the new iPhone’s bezel-less form factor, and its resolution of … Continue reading

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Announcing Conduct AR!

The creators of “Conduct THIS!” are building an AR version of their game: Lookin’ good! Sidenote: If you want to follow iOS specific AR projects, be sure to follow @MadeWithARKit on Twitter. You’ll find some inspiring stuff on there.

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Interacting with the iOS Simulator from the Command Line using simctl

Wasn’t aware of this, but turns out one can control (and interact with) the iOS Simulator straight from the command line. There’s no need to install anything new though. The tool we’re going to be using is already on our … Continue reading

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Use a mouse on iOS with PointerKit

Great work by Louis D’hauwe: PointerKit is a proof of concept framework to use a pointing device on iOS. This is done via a multipeer connection between a Mac and an iOS device. The pointer movement is captured by the … Continue reading

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PanelKit, a UI framework enabling floating and pinned panels on iOS

Great stuff by Louis D’hauwe, a former student of mine: PanelKit is a UI framework that enables panels on iOS. A panel can be presented in the following ways: Modally As a popover Floating (drag the panel around) Pinned (either … Continue reading

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Jasonette – Build cross-platform mobile apps using JSON

Just like how web browsers turn HTML into a web page, Jasonette turns JSON into iOS native components. This lets you build native apps by writing a simple JSON. Here’s a small snippet/example: { “$jason”: { “head”: { “title”: “{ … Continue reading

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Making viewport units work properly in Mobile Safari

A typical issue with the well supported Viewport Relative Units (you know: vh, vw, vmin, and vmax) that bothers me a lot is that MobileSafari (Safari on iOS) takes the height of the address bar into account for 100vh. Take … Continue reading

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Mission Control – Remote Config Utility for iOS, OSX, …

Have you ever wished you could change some config parameter for your app without deploying a new version? Of course you have! Wouldn’t it be great if you had whole config for your app in the cloud and change it … Continue reading

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Like JockeyJS, written in Swift, and with support for WKWebView: A bridge for WebView(UIWebView, WKWebView), using JavaScriptCore, handles communications between native(Swift) and js. Example usage (call native function from JS): // XCode override func viewDidLoad() { // … let webView … Continue reading

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