Vue.js: The Documentary

Some notes:

  • Great to see that Vue grew out of a personal need, not a plan to make money. Those projects always win.
  • It requires one to invest a lot of personal time and effort into their projects … remember that, before you start complaining about something in a repository (or in a blog’s comment section ;)).
  • A shoutout/endorsement by a person/project that’s already well established (such as Laravel) can be a tipping point.
  • Taylor Otwell from Laraval says that React required him to jump to through hoops to get started with it, whereas Vue only required him to include the .js file. That might have been true in the past, but know that nowadays you don’t need webpack/rollup/Babel/whatever to start with React 😉
  • Good documentation is a requirement — It’s one of the key factors that I take into account when evaluating technology.
  • I never really thought about localised documentation because in Belgium we’re quite fluent in English. For countries like China (or closer to home: France) however it’s invaluable to have localised docs (and being a native Chinese speaker surely helps).

How to add Dark Mode to a JavaScript App (React / Angular / Vue / etc)

In this post I show how to add Dark Mode to a JavaScript App. All major frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, etc.) are covered!


👉 Use CSS.


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