Spring-making Machine/Robot


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Recall what you did on the last working day ..or be nosy and find what someone else did.

Just run git standup et voila 🙂

It also works with multiple repositories:


Installation possible via Homebrew (or npm, alternatively):

brew install git-standup


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Plotly Academy: State Management with Redux


Learn how to handle application state in a centralized store with Redux, the most popular unidirectional data flow library!

Wow, wish I had stumbled upon this magnificent tutorial when I was just getting started with Redux. Well written, with a very good example.

State Management with Redux →

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Create your own custom map poster with Mapiful


Mapiful is a clever webapp: just type in the name of a city, choose a mapping style + a poster format, and you can have a map printout sent to your home.

I love the mapping style (just lines) and the simplicity of the app.

Mapiful →

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Start Using ES6 Today


Great set of slides by Wes Bos to getting started with ES02015 (ES6). Highly recommended.

Start Using ES6 Today →

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10 Career Mistakes I Wish I Had Never Made


Darius Foroux:

In the last decade, I went from student to entrepreneur to freelancer to climbing the corporate ladder to blogger to teacher. Yes, that’s not a normal career path, and it’s also not what I ever expected. But life hardly turns out the way you expect. That’s because we’re only human. And humans make mistakes.

Great list of things one should be looking for (or be careful with) when it comes to building your career. The lists resonates with some previously linked posts.

10 Career Mistakes I Wish I Had Never Made →

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The flex-grow: 9999; hack


Imagine a flex container (display: flex) with two flex items in a row (flex-direction: row). Item A on the left, and item B on the right. I would like the flex items to be stacked on top of each other when necessary. Item B has to jump onto the second line, if there’s not enough space for it to be at least 20 ems wide.

Now comes the tricky part. I want item A to stretch to the entire width of the container, only if the items are wrapped into multiple lines.

The – clever! – trick to getting this working is to allow both items to flex-grow, but to give item B a ridiculously high value (viz. flex-grow: 9999;)

The flex-grow: 9999; hack →

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macOS Quick Look plugins for JavaScript, Markdown, JSON, …


The repository sindresorhus/quick-look-plugins has gathered a collection of some handy macOS Quick Look Plugins. Pictured above is a quick look preview of a JSON file.

Installation of the plugins is possible via Homebrew.


(via Freek, quite some time ago)

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Day-O 2


Yesterday Shaun Inman released version 2 of the aforementioned Day-O for use with the most recent macOS versions.

It’s been five years to the day since I released the original Day-O, a simple menu bar clock replacement with a simple icon and an equally simple fly-out calendar for your Mac.

So simple. So clever. So handy.

Day-O 2 →

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ES2015 (ES6) and React snippets for Sublime Text


babel-sublime-snippets contains a set of shorthands for Sublime Text to working more easily with ES2015 and React.

With it, for example, you can just type cdup followed by a TAB and you’ll end up with componentDidUpdate(prevProps, prevState) {…}.

Find it as Babel Snippets through Package Control.


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