Huxley – Catching visual regressions in Web applications.

Watches you browse, takes screenshots, tells you when they change. First you record a basic flow and take screenshots in between. Afterwards, when you’ve done some changes, you can let the flow play back again, and Huxley will re-take screenshots to compare with the ones from the first run. Video above shows how it works. […]

DummyJS – Smart Functional Testing extension for PhantomJS

open type :text John click “Say hi!” assertText .greeting Hi, John! $ dummyjs mytest.dummy βœ“ open βœ“ type :text John βœ“ click “Say hi!” βœ“ assertText .greeting Hi, John! PASS: Executed 4 actions in 1s. DummyJS makes writing and running automated functional tests for websites and webapps incredibly easy. Tests can be run […]

Debugging Chrome using the Firefox Debugger

Developing across multiple browsers and devices is the main issue developers have when building applications. Wouldn’t it be great to debug your app across desktop, Android, and iOS with one tool? We believe the Web is powerful enough to offer a Mobile Web development solution that meets these needs. Enter an experimental Firefox add-on called […]

Google Chrome DevTools Device Mode

Click the icon marked with the pink-ish circle to open Device Mode. Click the icon marked with the red circle to activate the Media Query Inspector. One can quickly choose a device and also throttle the network using the blue and orange dropdowns at the top. You might have to enable Devtools Experiments in Canary […]