Output snapshots and screenshots of canvas elements directly in the console of the Chrome Dev Tools var canvas = document.createElement(“canvas”), ctx = canvas.getContext(“2d”); // … //draw // … console.screenshot(canvas, 0.8); //Snapshot it and scale the output to 80% of the original size Resulting output is the image picture above. Also supports creating a snapshot which […]

Become a Javascript Console Power-User

Level up on the Javascript console in the Chrome DevTools. Look at XHR requests, learn console helper functions to monitor events or explore objects better. Paul Irish from the Chrome team gives you a rundown. We all know console.x, but there’s some more stuff to do in the console … sure that $0 shorthand will […]

A Proposal: Renaming Backend/Frontend to Application/UI Developers

The evolution of web technologies in the last several years has blurred the line between what we usually call backend vs. frontend development. On the other hand, expectations put in front of developers highly reflect that rather rigid distinction based on technology, instead the one that would be based on processes in software production. Is […]

Trello – Your entire project, in a single glance

A must have tool if you’re working together with others on projects. Works like a charm: organizes your cards (along with a description, checklists, and comments) in the (customizable) todo–doing–done columns, assign people and labels to it, etc. Above that it’s free and iOS/Android apps are available too. Trello → (via Small Town Heroes when […]

IE10 CSS Support

The following W3C draft standard features match these criteria and IE10 now supports them in their unprefixed form: Gradients (CSS Image Values and Replaced Content) CSS Animations CSS Transitions CSS Transforms font-feature-settings property (CSS Fonts) Indexed Database API Timing control for script-based animations (requestAnimationFrame) IE10 also supports the following W3C draft standards in vendor-prefixed form. […]