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The amazing Instagram account @caseymcperry

The instagram account @caseymcperry is really amazing. Not only does Casey spread his content across multiple single photos (as has been done before), but he also has them set up as a collage: (via @netlash)

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Instagram Terminal Feed

Forget about that Instagram for Windows 95, and go for the real deal: Instagram on the CLI: Sometimes checking your instagram during work is kind of strange, so why not check your instagram inside your terminal? OK… I know checking … Continue reading

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The Broccoli Tree: A Parable

Patrik Svedberg had been taking photos of a particular and unique tree which he named “The Broccoli Tree”. He posted the photos on an Instagram account dedicated to the tree. And then one day, he noticed something was wrong with … Continue reading

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Implementing Instagram Filters and Image Editing in React Native

William Candillon recreated some parts of Instagram’s editing process (namely the filter, rotate, and crop steps) in React Native. The filters are implemented with GL-React: Gl-react offers a really efficient paradigm for integrating React and OpenGL together. The library enables … Continue reading

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Louise Delage on Instagram

Starting August 1st, Louise Delage has been posting photos to her Instagram account. The 25 year old Parisian collected over 50,000 likes in just eight weeks. But did her followers even know what they were liking? Like my addiction A … Continue reading

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Getting Stories from the Instagram API

Alec Garcia: It took Instagram 2 years to build their first web app, and then another 3 years to implement web search. It will probably be a while, if at all, before Instagram brings Stories to the web, so I … Continue reading

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Upload directly from Lightroom to Instagram with LR/Instagram

LR/Instagram is an unofficial publish plugin for Lightroom, allowing you to post photos directly to your Instagram account. Simply install the plugin, add new service in Lightroom Publishing Manager and authenticate with your Instagram account. LR/Instagram – Lightroom Publish Plugin … Continue reading

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Instagram-style filters in HTML5 Canvas

Whilst the embedded Codepen demos aren’t working for me, the standalone demo is. Instagram-style filters in HTML5 Canvas → Related: CSSGram →

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A tiny library for recreating Instagram filters with CSS filters and blend modes. CSSGram →

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OwnYourGram is a service which streams your Instagram photos to your own site in real-time. After signing in with IndieAuth, it sends your Instagram photos to your micropub endpoint. OwnYourGram → OwnYourGram Source →

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