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Chromeless Playground: Chrome Automation Made Simple

With Chrome 59 came the ability to run a Headless Chrome. Controlling it via code isn’t that easy nor elegant. Enter Chromeless (not be confused with Mozilla’s Chromeless): With Chromeless you can control Chrome (open website, click elements, fill out … Continue reading

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Understanding the Critical Rendering Path

When a browser receives the HTML response for a page from the server, there are a lot of steps to be taken before pixels are drawn on the screen. This sequence the browsers needs to run through for the initial … Continue reading

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Using Immutable Caching To Speed Up The Web

Firefox shipped with support for Cache-Control: Immutable: The benefits of immutable mean that when a page is refreshed, which is an extremely common social media scenario, elements that were previously marked immutable with an HTTP response header do not have … Continue reading

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Text-wrapping, hyphenation, emojis and what not

Earlier today I ran some tests to see how text-wrapping/hyphenation of long uninterrupted strings works in browsers. I tested both “normal” strings and strings of emojis. The tests (and its rendering results per browser) are stored on Codepen and embedded … Continue reading

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Chrome “Go Back With Backspace” Extension

With the release of Chrome 52, the backspace button no longer navigates back when pressing it. Highly annoying, because the navigating back with the backspace button is just very, very handy (it only requires one finger/hand!). “Go Back With Backspace” … Continue reading

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Safari Technology Preview

Safari Technology Preview is a version of Safari for OS X, distributed by Apple, that includes a cutting-edge, in-development version of the WebKit browser engine. It’s a great way to test upcoming WebKit features and give feedback to the people … Continue reading

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Viewports Visualisation App

PPK: Instead of the work I was supposed to do I spent about a day and a half on the alpha version of a viewports visualisation app. It’s already been very useful to me, since figuring out how the viewports … Continue reading

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Caniuse command line tool

Just what you’ve always wanted, it’s a caniuse command line tool! All the power of caniuse.com with none of the nice UI or interactivity! Install it using npm: npm install -g caniuse-cmd caniuse-cmd – Caniuse command line tool →

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Internet Explorer Platform Status

Status of the Internet Explorer Platform: lists all new/fairly new HTML5/CSS/JS techniques that browser vendors are implementing, and Microsofts stance on / progress with it. IE Platform Status → Related: don’t forget about caniuse.com 😉

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RemoteDebug, an initiative to unify remote debugging across browsers

What if it was possible to use Chrome DevTools to debug Firefox, or use Firefox DevTools to debug Chrome? … The open web follows standards. Our tools should too. RemoteDebug, an initiative to unify remote debugging across browsers → Related: … Continue reading

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