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Easier imports with Webpack’s resolve.alias

One of the things I find annoying when using import in my JS code is the fact that you need to refer to other local files using (relative) paths. Like so: // Without resolve.alias 😭 import Modal from ‘../../../components/objects/modal/modal’; Coming … Continue reading

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Electron Webpack Dashboard

Ken Wheeler, who also created the aforementioned webpack-dashboard, has now created an Electron based version: The original webpack-dashboard, was fun and people seemed to like it. Unless they were on Windows, or used a weird terminal set up, or if … Continue reading

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Webpack Academy

Sean Larkin, one of the maintainers of Webpack, has started a video series to working with Webpack. The first course, entitled “The Core Concepts” is available for free: One of the biggest mysteries about webpack is how it works. As … Continue reading

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Webpack Module Tree Visualizer

Visualize and analyze your Webpack bundle to see which modules are taking up space and which might be duplicates. Generate JSON stats, and pass it into the online tool. webpack –json > stats.json You can also use the plugin locally … Continue reading

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webpack-dashboard – A CLI dashboard for your webpack dev server

webpack-dashboard is a webpack plugin that changes the noisy CLI output from this … … into that: Now when you run your dev server, you basically work at NASA Awesome stuff! Installation possible via npm: npm install webpack-dashboard –save-dev webpack-dashboard … Continue reading

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Introduction to Webpack

There’s a presentation embedded in this post: Introduction to Webpack – Ordina JWorks – CC JS & Web Slides by Jan De Wilde: This presentation will guide you step by step so you can start using Webpack in your own … Continue reading

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Setting up React for ES6 with Webpack and Babel

This resource came in quite handy when setting up React in combination with ES6, Webpack and Babel. Installing all the required dependencies: # Install Webpack npm install –save-dev webpack # Install the Babel Loader, for use with Webpack npm install … Continue reading

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Webpack — The Confusing Parts

When I first saw a Webpack config file, it looked very alien-y 👽 and confusing 😱. After playing around with it for some time, I now think that it is because Webpack just has a unique syntax and new philosophies … Continue reading

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