Facebook Camera

After acquiring Instagram for 1 Billion dollars, Facebook has released a clean instagram clone that works in same way and improves your Facebook experience. Square photos and quite the same filters. In the long run, I guess both apps will eventually become one. Download Facebook Camera App an Instagram Clone → Facebook Camera (App Store) […]

iOS Multitasking in Detail

Interesting video on how memory is done while “multitasking” on the iPad: There are five sections to this video demonstrating: An app going from active to background to suspended Instacast HD requesting extra background time to finish a podcast download TomTom running indefinitely in the background Batman Arkham City Lockdown and Real Racing 2 HD […]


Color enables you to share “photos, videos and conversations” with a group of people who are at the same location as you. The ideal use case for Color, is for events with large groups of people – like a concert or conference. Color ostensibly allows you to share your experience with that group; as well […]