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Google Maps’s Quiet Transformation

Justin O’Beirne kept an eye on how a specific area evolved on Google Maps and on Apple Maps over time: Patricia’s Green is the centerpiece of a vibrant and trendy neighborhood in central San Francisco, just blocks away from City … Continue reading

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Apple Live Photos for JavaScript Developers

In a rather surprising move Apple has released a JavaScript library to play Live Photos on the web on NPM: Use the LivePhotosKit JS library to play Live Photos on your web pages. The JavaScript API presents the player in … Continue reading

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Laphs: Apple Live Photos on the Web

From the folks over at Tumblr: Add support for Apple’s Live Photos in web browsers. Install it using npm, or include the dist file: npm install –save laphs You can make Laphs work with existing elements: <img src="STILL-PHOTO.jpg" data-live-photo="LIVE-PHOTO.mov" data-live-photo-still-image-time="1.71"/> … Continue reading

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TouchBar Nyan Cat

Stupid Nyan Cat animation on your +$2k MacBook Pro’s Touchbar. Enjoy. TouchBar Nyan Cat → UPDATE 10/11/2016: Of course it didn’t take too long either for a TouchBar Farting App to appear in the wild 💩

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The Apple-Google shift

Elliot-Jay Stocks: Okay, so I’m considering a switch to Android. No big deal. I’m following in the footsteps of many, many, many others. But what I find interesting outside of my own personal decision is that there seems to be … Continue reading

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Aerial – Apple TV Aerial Views Screen Saver

Aerial is a Mac screen saver based on the new Apple TV screen saver that displays the aerial movies Apple shot over New York, San Francisco, Hawaii, China, etc. Must say that I really dig the Apple TV Screen Saver … Continue reading

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Rethinking iTunes

Apple’s iTunes desktop app is notorious for trying to be everything to everyone, all the time: music, books, apps, videos purchasing, syncing, and a lot more. Would iTunes be a better product if it were split up into smaller, focused, … Continue reading

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Your iPhone’s lockscreen is unsafe

Before you know it, anyone with physical access to your ‘locked’ device could be accessing your personal photographs and contacts. Even with the latest iOS 9.0.1 update, your iPhone’s lockscreen is unsafe → On a sidenote: The audio stack of … Continue reading

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Jony Jive: A Jony Ive Soundboard

Fun! Needs more superlatives though 😛 If you take a peek at the source code you’ll see that it creates <audio> elements on the fly. To say that we needed Flash for this not so long ago. Jony Jive: A … Continue reading

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The Original iPhone CPU

The original iPhone used what was basically an off-the-shelf Samsung DVD player’s processor. It was such an underpowered piece of junk, it’s a miracle the iPhone ever worked. But thanks to some heroic effort in software, it was good enough. … Continue reading

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