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How Apple can fix 3D Touch

Eliz Kılıç writes down something that’s been bothering me too: Apple introduced 3D Touch and its new related interactions Peek and Pop in 2014. It’s been almost 4 years since its first introduction, yet people don’t know/use 3D Touch. Why … Continue reading

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No Hand’s Land – A map of the iPhone X for your fingers

By Sebastiaan de With, as featured in How to Design for iPhone X (without an iPhone X). Made me smile … “Mt Notch” 🙂

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AnimojiStudio – Make Animoji Videos with Unlimited Duration

Record Animoji videos with unlimited duration with this standalone app. This app uses the private AvatarKit framework, the same one that’s used by Apple’s iMessage app. It leverages ReplayKit’s screen recording capabilities to allow for longer recordings than the standard … Continue reading

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Navigating on the next iPhone

Some folks have been poking around in the HomePod Firmware update. Doing so they’ve unearthed the existence of an upcoming face unlock feature using and infrared camera and face detection, the new iPhone’s bezel-less form factor, and its resolution of … Continue reading

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Meet Super Mario Run

I’m excited about this one. Still one week to go before its release A new Mario game you can play with one hand! On December 15 of 2016, Mario jumps into a new adventure on iPhone and iPad.

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Lost your iPhone? Be extra alert for upcoming identity theft attempts.

Joonas Kiminki got his iPhone stolen. Twelve days later, after immediately having marked it as lost in Find my iPhone, he got a text and email saying his iPhone was found with a link to see the phone’s location. I … Continue reading

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Searching and sending stuff on your phone shouldn’t be that difficult. Gboard makes it easier: Search. GIFs. Emojis & more. Right from your keyboard. Gboard (App Store) →

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Prevent overscroll/bounce in iOS MobileSafari (CSS only)

No need to hijack touchstart via JavaScript as this little CSS snippet, preventing the rubber band scrolling (as shown on the left), works just fine: html, body { position: fixed; overflow: hidden; } Tested with iOS8, iOS9, and iOS10. As … Continue reading

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The Original iPhone CPU

The original iPhone used what was basically an off-the-shelf Samsung DVD player’s processor. It was such an underpowered piece of junk, it’s a miracle the iPhone ever worked. But thanks to some heroic effort in software, it was good enough. … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Guide To iPhone Resolutions

Points, Pixels, Device Pixels. The Ultimate Guide To iPhone Resolutions →

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