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Play by your own rules

Josh Williams, one of the founders of Gowalla, looking back at when Gowalla launched and needed to compete with Foursquare While we were busy playing tug-of-war over check-ins, someone else found a path to the goal with less friction. And … Continue reading

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Turf Geography Club

Turf is a free location based iOS game set in the real world. Earn coins for visiting real life locations, take’em over, build on top of’em, and collect rent. Beware your fellow geographers who want to take your sugar! Built … Continue reading

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Ben Dodson, author of various Gowalla related tools in the past, has released Wallabee, a location based game he’s been working on the past few months: WallaBee is the ultimate collectibles game for your iPhone. The aim of the game … Continue reading

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Ben Dodson: Goodbye Gowalla

Ben Dodson, once a loyal Gowalla user and 3rd party Gowalla App Developer — he created Wallabee (formerly GowallaTools), and Highlights — says goodbye to Gowalla. In his goodbye he talks about his developer love-hate relationship with Gowalla, highlights some … Continue reading

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Gowalla ⇒ Facebook

Scott Raymond, co-founder and CTO of Gowalla confirms the rumors: It wasn’t an easy decision, but Facebook has always been a friend of the company, so joining their team is a natural move. I’m incredibly excited to work alongside folks … Continue reading

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On Gowalla, Facebook, Instagram, Path, and Storytelling

I was meaning to write a blogpost on Gowalla 4. About how I used it less than before. But also about that when I use it (which I still do from time to time), I use it in a more … Continue reading

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Facebook buys Gowalla

Speculation, for now: Facebook has acquired location sharing service Gowalla for an undisclosed sum, according to a source close to Gowalla. Facebook declined to comment on the deal. Facebook acquires Gowalla to boost Timeline team → (via ★)

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Gowalla 4

Gowalla 4.0 has landed today. I like it. It evolves around travel guides and — to me more interesting — instead of saying “I am here”, you’re now saying “I’m here, with my friends X, Y and Z” via the … Continue reading

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Gowalla 4

Several months ago, the Gowalla team — seen as the main competitor to Foursquare, winner of the location wars — sat down to dream it all up again. They thought about what kind of location-based app they would build today … Continue reading

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Introducing Gowalla Missing Items Location Finder (Gowalla MILF)

Today I released a tool named Gowalla Missing Items Location Finder (Gowalla MILF for short) which lets you locate Gowalla spots near you which contain items which are missing from your vault.

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