The Raspberry Pi 4, the Ultimate iPad Pro Accessory?

Rob from Tech Craft has been wild about using a Raspberry Pi 4 along with his iPad Pro. Never thought of this use case, but I was nodding in agreement whilst I was watching this.

😴 The video only gets interesting halfway through; feel free to skip the first part

Luna Display’s “Camera Button”

What do you do when Apple keeps on taking away buttons from their devices (and when swipe gestures from nearly all edges are already taken by something else)? Well, you invent a new button:

So when we ran out of buttons to hide our software’s UI behind, it really forced us to use our imagination. Instead of squeezing UI in where it didn’t fit, we built a new button to conceal it: it’s called the Camera Button.

The Camera Button basically transforms your iDevice’s camera lens into an ambient light sensor:

The Camera Button works by detecting the amount of light coming in through the camera. Covering up the camera with your finger blocks all light, triggering a response from the iPad. The tricky part was getting it to work in all lighting conditions, across all iPad cameras.


While Apple is taking away buttons, we found a way to add one →

Duet Display

Use your iPad as an extra display for your Mac or PC. Zero Lag.

Next to the fact that you have an extra display, you also gain touch to manipulate your OS. Would be of good use for that iPad 3 I have laying around, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s bootlooping after a battery drain (#functionalhighground) 🙁

Duet Display →

Using Office for iPad: getting to work

Small introduction by the people at The Verge

Word for iPad (iTunes Store) →
Excel for iPad (iTunes Store) →
Powerpoint for iPad (iTunes Store) →

Junior – Firefox on iPad (Prototype)

Junior — an iPad browser that makes browsing more fun, more ergonomic and re-thinks browser user experience from the ground up.

Like the fact that the browser is runnning fullscreen with only two buttons overlayed: a back button and a “go somewhere” button. The latter brings up a screen where you can change tabs, load a favorite or type in a URL.

Crappy screengrabs from the video below:

(via paulrouget)