Redux DevTools Chrome Extension

A Chrome DevTools Extension, wrapping around Redux DevTools: The Redux DevTools themselves are a live-editing time travel environment for Redux: Lets you inspect every state and action payload Lets you go back in time by “cancelling” actions If you change the reducer code, each “staged” action will be re-evaluated If the reducers throw, you will […]

Chrome DevTools Custom Object Formatters

Here’s a little Chrome DevTools gem: it supports the use of custom Object formatters. Object what? Object formatters allow you to control how the value of a JavaScript object appears in Chrome’s console and debugger. Say you’d like to visualize a 2D vector, instead of seeing “just” { x: 1, y: 2} appear when pushing […]

Taking Chrome DevTools outside of the browser

Let me introduce what I call the Chrome DevTools App. It’s a standalone app that runs Chrome DevTools in its own process. It’s powered by node-webkit, and it’s able to run on Windows, Mac and Linux, completely independently of Chrome. From the same guy who brought/is bringing us RemoteDebug. Taking Chrome DevTools outside of the […]

Debugging iOS Safari and UIWebViews using Chrome DevTools

The ios_webkit_debug_proxy allows developers to inspect MobileSafari and UIWebViews on real and simulated iOS devices via the DevTools UI and WebKit Remote Debugging Protocol. DevTools requests are translated into Apple’s Remote Web Inspector service calls. The proxy detects when iOS devices are attached/removed and provides the current device list on http://localhost:9221. A developer can click […]