SpaceX’s SN10 “Belly Flop” Composite

Earlier this week SpaceX’s SN10 rocket took off, ascended to ±10km, and then after a free fall in the horizontal position turned vertical again to successfully land (only to explode a few minutes later).

While you can rewatch the whole thing online I’m more fascinated by this composite photo by Jack Beyer, visualizing the trajectory:

Cool! 🚀

JavaScript: var vs let vs const

Nice Doodle by Abhishek Kumar explaining the difference between JavaScript’s var, let, and const:

Good to see hoisting is also explicitly mentioned by name.

💁‍♂️ I personally always start with const. Only if I need to reassign a variable’s value (for example: a counter in a loop) I use let. I see no good reason to use var.

Drawing Tip: A thicker pen hides mediocrity

Your drawings probably look rubbish because you’re using an old biro that happened to be laying around. Nobody’s used one of these since cassette tapes stopped needing to be fixed, so throw that in the drawer full of batteries, twine and assorted electrical tape from whence it came.

Instead, go thicker. Go felt tip. Go a marker if that’s all you got. Because if your drawing skills aren’t very good, going thicker is always a good way to hide this fact.