The future of CSS: Nesting Selectors

Early March the first draft for the CSS Nesting Module was published. The draft outlines a future mechanism by which we’ll be able to nest CSS selectors natively (e.g. in pure CSS, without the use of any preprocessors) This module describes support for nesting a style rule within another style rule, allowing the inner rule’s […]

CSS attribute value less than / greater than / equals selectors

Yesterday Ana Tudor wondered if should could write CSS selectors using less-than and greater-than logic: CSS attribute selector wish:[data-code>2][data-code<19] { /* styles */ }[data-code>=19][data-code<65] { /* other styles */ }and so on… — Ana Tudor (@anatudor) October 12, 2016 Unfortunately this kind of selectors don’t work (yet). Until then one could use JavaScript to tackling […]