Become a Javascript Console Power-User

Level up on the Javascript console in the Chrome DevTools. Look at XHR requests, learn console helper functions to monitor events or explore objects better. Paul Irish from the Chrome team gives you a rundown. We all know console.x, but there’s some more stuff to do in the console … sure that $0 shorthand will …

The Application Cache is no longer a Douchebag

A new command for the Firefox Command Line (part of the Developer Tools) named appcache to manipulate/inspect the appcache. As someone commented on the original post: Somebody has recently pointed out that the appcache is still a douchebag but at least Firefox now has a way to tell us why. The Application Cache is no …

Sublime Web Inspector — Debug JavaScript in SublimeText

Set and remove breakpoints right in SublimeText See all console messages with level See object properties See a stack and all variables (local, global, closure) Evaluate selection on current call frame Live reload Sublime Web Inspector →

Firefox CSS live editing via SublimeText

A lot of editors are scriptable in Python. And Firefox has remote capabilities. So we are building a python library that can be used by editors to interact with Firefox (desktop or mobile). We could for example add JS breakpoints from Vim, or edit the code of the current page from SublimeText. Note that the …

My Foxification (Pimp Your Firefox to be a web all-star)

With all the fuss about Firebug since its 1.0 beta release some might forget that there are other extensions to pimp your Firefox to be a web all-star … (and above that people seem to be forgetting that this extension has been around for quite a while now)