Suncalc 3D

SunCalc 3D is an HTML5 application with a 3D panoramic view of the sky that shows how the Sun moves during a particular day for a given location, along with important sunlight times such as sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk. SunCalc 3D calculates sun data on the fly, uses Canvas for rendering, and Geolocation, Google Geocoding and for handling location

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Meny — An experimental CSS 3D fold-in menu

A UI experiment with a 3D fold-in menu. Move your mouse to the left edge of this page — or swipe in from the left edge if you’re on a touch device — to expand the menu.

A refreshing alternative to the already overly common left nav flyout which Facebook introduced in their mobile app.

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Mapping Wars

Google is holding an invitation-only event next week in San Francisco, where it says it will show off the “next dimension” of its Maps product. The event comes a week ahead of when Apple is expected to replace Google as the mapping provider in iOS at its annual developers conference, which starts June 11.

Also see C3 Technologies’ Rapid 3D Mapping which Apple bought (and will be showcasing next week).

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Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps app with 3D mapping is coming this summer, and we have photos →