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Oh I have a weak for this kind of puzzles, especially since it exposes the problem our maps have due to the Mercator Projection. Could spend all day with this. In the Puzzle you need to drag the shape of … Continue reading

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MySQL ST_Distance_Sphere Polyfill

One of the cool things about MySQL 5.7 is the fact that it sports a few spatial convenience functions (since 5.7.6), allowing one to do operations on geometric values. One of those convenience functions is ST_Distance_Sphere, which allows one to … Continue reading

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Spy Viewer – View Historic Mapping within a Spyglass Circle

Ooh I like this: The National Library of Scotland has released Spy Viewer, a tool showcasing a set of historic which maps have been georeferenced so that they line up perfectly on top of the current maps. Using a circular … Continue reading

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SEDAC Population Estimator

The Population Estimation Service is a Web-based service for estimating population totals and related statistics within a user-defined region. It enables users of a wide variety of map clients and tools to quickly obtain estimates of the number of people … Continue reading

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How far ahead of Apple Maps is Google Maps?

In succession to Google Maps’s Quiet Transformation, a new – and very extensive and highly interesting – comparison by the same author. He start off by taking a look at the level of detail when it comes to buildings. But … Continue reading

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Getting started with Mapbox GL JS

Good intro by Arden de Raaij on setting up a basic Mapbox GL JS map with clickable markers that zoom upon getting clicked. Mapbox GL JS is a JavaScript library that uses WebGL to render interactive maps from vector tiles … Continue reading

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Strava Global Heatmap

Strava has released a Global Heatmap powered by Mapbox GL, plotting all locations where their users go run / go cycle / do water activities / do winter activities. The raw input activity streams data comes from a Spark/S3/Parquet data … Continue reading

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react-native-maps-directions – Directions/Routing component for react-native-maps

One of the things I found missing in the aforementioned react-native-maps was the ability to route between to coordinates. Combining the feedback from the related issues on GitHub (#52, #778, and #929) I’ve created a standalone component that does exactly … Continue reading

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react-native-maps – React Native Mapview component for iOS + Android

On a React Native project I’m currently working on, I’m implementing native (vector) mapviews. Gladly there’s react-native-maps by AirBnB to handle it all. import React, { Component } from ‘react’; import MapView from ‘react-native-maps’; class MapViewExample extends Component { constructor(props) … Continue reading

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MapSCII – ASCII Map Renderer for the Console

Color me impressed: MapSCII is a Braille & ASCII map renderer for your console. There’s a live version accessible via telnet on mapscii.me: $ telnet mapscii.me Panning and zooming using the mouse is supported. At the base is a vector … Continue reading

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