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Pure CSS Francine – An 18th-Century Oil Painting Recreated with HTML and CSS

Handcrafted recreation of an 18th-century oil painting using just HTML and CSS. Here’s an analysis of it using the Chrome DevTools, as recorded by Paul Irish: Chrome only though: Because of the artistic nature of this project I have not … Continue reading

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HTML 5.2: The <dialog> Element

HTML 5.2 has introduced a new <dialog> element to show modal dialog boxes. Here’s a small demo by @bdc (forked version by me, including polyfill): Already available in Chrome; a polyfill is available for other/older browsers. Meet the New Dialog … Continue reading

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Do we need a new heading element? We don’t know.

Great insightful post by Jake Archibald on the generic <h> element, which could act as a replacement for the current set of <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, … I always thought this to be a good case, as it’d would allow you … Continue reading

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Fixing HTML Video on Mobile

Samir Zahran on how and why they built Whitewater, an open source video encoder and player for their site: Common HTML5 Video features such as preloading and autoplay are completely missing in some browsers. The scripting APIs are limited compared … Continue reading

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HTML Parser Quiz

How do browsers parse your HTML? Test your parsing-knowledge with the HTML Parser Quiz by HTML5Test HTML Parser Quiz →

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A free library of HTML, CSS, JS nuggets Looks like a solid resource. The Content Filter, 3D Curtain Template, and Expandable Project Presentation remind me of the freshness and quality Codrops brings us. CodyHouse →

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3D Hartwig Chess Set

3D chess game done in HTML/CSS/JS 3D Hartwig Chess Set → 3D Hartwig Chess Set Source (GitHub) → (via CreativeJS)

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Using the Browser Developer Tools to their full potential

Are you using the developer tools to their full potential? The biggest positive about the developer tools is that they are incredibly easy to use, but as a result developers often miss out on a large proportion of the functionality … Continue reading

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