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How far ahead of Apple Maps is Google Maps?

In succession to Google Maps’s Quiet Transformation, a new – and very extensive and highly interesting – comparison by the same author. He start off by taking a look at the level of detail when it comes to buildings. But … Continue reading

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react-native-maps-directions – Directions/Routing component for react-native-maps

One of the things I found missing in the aforementioned react-native-maps was the ability to route between to coordinates. Combining the feedback from the related issues on GitHub (#52, #778, and #929) I’ve created a standalone component that does exactly … Continue reading

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react-native-maps – React Native Mapview component for iOS + Android

On a React Native project I’m currently working on, I’m implementing native (vector) mapviews. Gladly there’s react-native-maps by AirBnB to handle it all. import React, { Component } from ‘react’; import MapView from ‘react-native-maps’; class MapViewExample extends Component { constructor(props) … Continue reading

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Human Landscapes of the American Southwest

Great set of some aerial photos of the American Southwest. When clicking through to the linked Google Maps locations you can see the Jefferson Grid in some of them. Human Landscapes of the American Southwest →

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The Jefferson Grid

The aforementioned Sad Topographies reminded me of The Jefferson Grid, an Instagram account curating a list of areal photos depicting a grid with cells the size of one square mile each, spread throughout the United States. Looking from the window … Continue reading

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Sad Topographies

Sad Topographies is an Instagram account curating a list of places with sad names: Somewhere to go, when you’re feeling low. Fun. Sad Topographies →

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Scale Yosemite’s El Capitan with Google Maps

Welcome to The Nose of El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park — the most iconic rock climb on earth. Tighten your harness and double-check your knot, to join Lynn Hill, Alex Honnold, and Tommy Caldwell on a 3,000 foot interactive … Continue reading

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WebTrak is community platform for raising and reviewing airport noise Show the planes (arriving = red, taking off = green) along with a few noise measurements along the way. WebTrak →

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Google Maps Middle Earth

“This route has trolls.” (src) Related: Google Maps: From the Shire to Mordor →

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var heatmap = h337.create({ container: domElement }); heatmap.setData({ max: 5, data: [{ x: 10, y: 15, value: 5}, …] }); A Google Maps plugin is also available heatmap.js – Dynamic Heatmaps for the Web →Gmaps Heatmap Layer Plugin →

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