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Mocking Individual CSS Transform Functions using CSS Variables

In CSS we use the transform property to manage an element’s translation, rotation, and scale. As it’s one single combined property for all three possible transformations, setting transform: rotation(90deg); on an element will (re)set the values for translation and scale … Continue reading

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3D First Person Shooter … with CSS

With CSS transforms we can’t define arbitrary shapes using a set of points, we’re stuck with HTML elements which are always rectangular and have two dimensional properties such as top, left, width and height to determine their position and size. … Continue reading

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Inverse trigonometric functions with Sass

See the Pen Pure CSS 3D animated icosidodecahedron (pentagonal gyrobirotunda) by Ana Tudor (@thebabydino) on CodePen. You might think that math doesn’t have a lot to do with writing stylesheets, but you can actually do some amazing things with a … Continue reading

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Unfolding the Box Model: Exploring CSS3 transforms

Use arrow keys to navigate Unfolding the Box Model →

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3D Restaurant Menu

And it’s responsive too! 3D Restaurant Menu Demo → 3D Restaurant Menu Article →

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