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Delighters.JS – Add CSS animations to delight users as they scroll down

Nice little library by Martin Kool / Q42. Delighters.js toggles classnames as you scroll. You do the rest! 🤓 Late 2013 I created a likewise thingy (dependent on jQuery) 🙂 The main class toggled is .delighter, with an extra .started … Continue reading

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Scrollama – Scrollytelling with IntersectionObserver

Scrollama is a modern & lightweight JavaScript library for scrollytelling using IntersectionObserver in favor of scroll events. The code that accompanies the markup pictured above: // instantiate the scrollama const scroller = scrollama(); // setup the instance, pass callback functions … Continue reading

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Customizing Pull-to-Refresh and Overflow Effects with CSS’ overscroll-behavior

Next to dynamic imports, another feature that landed in Chrome 63 is CSS overscroll-behavior: Scrolling is one of the most fundamental ways to interact with a page, but certain patterns can be tricky to deal with. For example, the browsers … Continue reading

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Nice scroll effect on the BADASS Films website: The effect is achieved by placing a duplicate (but clipped) list on top of another one, in combination with scroll velocity calculation to define the slant of the list. BADASS →

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Using Intersection Observers

With the Intersection Observer coming to Firefox, a nice article covering it appeared on Mozilla Hacks. The IntersectionObserver interface of the Intersection Observer API provides a way to asynchronously observe changes in the intersection of a target element with an … Continue reading

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AOS – Animate on Scroll

AOS allows you to animate elements as you scroll down, and up. If you scroll back to top, elements will animate to it’s previous state and are ready to animate again if you scroll down. By setting data-aos-* attributes on … Continue reading

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CSS Only Scroll Indicator

There’s a pen embedded in this post. Visit this post on the Bram.us website, or see the Pen CSS only scroll indicator on CodePen. I was interested to see if I could make a scroll indicator with just CSS. You … Continue reading

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Prevent overscroll/bounce in iOS MobileSafari (CSS only)

No need to hijack touchstart via JavaScript as this little CSS snippet, preventing the rubber band scrolling (as shown on the left), works just fine: html, body { position: fixed; overflow: hidden; } Tested with iOS8, iOS9, and iOS10. As … Continue reading

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rafscroll – chain your scroll events to requestAnimationFrame

new rafscroll(function() { // Do your thing here. }); Your monitor refreshes at 60 frames per second (fps). Scroll events, on the other hand, do not. Chaining your scroll events to a requestAnimationFrame ensures that your transitions and animations will … Continue reading

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Space.js – HTML-driven narrative 3D-scrolling

For our messages to communicate across efficiently, we need to create a powerful connection between the user and our medium. Today we are going to explore a new way of presenting stories on the web. And for this I’ve created … Continue reading

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