My DOTD: MS SQL vs. PHP: 4096 is the (default) limit

Small tip: when getting data from a MS SQL Database through PHP you’ll notice that your data gets chopped. First thought that the datatypes of the fields weren’t sufficient enough to hold the data, but the text datatype can hold up to 2ˆ31 – 1 characters and the data was stored correctly in the database […]

Their missing Mile-High Menus and Magic Corners : Fitts’ Law vs. Apple on Windows

When using software Fitts’ Law – a model of human movement, predicting the time required to rapidly move from a starting position to a final target area, as a function of the distance to the target and the size of the target – is in effect all the time. Microsoft understands the importance of this […]

My Distractions, the almighty Elsewhere Archive : Update

In the comments on my previous post about the little sidenotes I’m serving here, which I like to call ‘Elsewhere’, my pal Manuel threw in a term I hadn’t seen before (actually I had, but I simply forgot about it): ‘Asides’. Soon my search on Google started and all my questions got answered as you […]

BRAMUS.IN.SPIRE.US – Bookmarklet to visualizing your’d sites

I myself am a huge fan … the handiness of tagging sites I’ve seen over at work and checking back that list at home just does it for me. Above that it’s darn handy to finding back a site by just typing in some keywords (that flash site with the green background most likely […]