Use a Github repository branch or commit as a dependency in package.json

Recently I needed to test a branch of a forked GitHub repository inside a project. Instead of cloning the fork and symlinking the package locally, I installed the remote dependency directly into the project.

To achieve I used the following command:

Using NPM:

npm install


npm install git+ssh://

Using Yarn:

yarn add ssh://

💡 If you’re targeting a specific commit or tag, replace branchname with the commmithash or tagname. You can also omit the #branchname to get the default branch, typically main/master


With npm install there are some shorthands you can use, as it by defaults tries to look up things from GitHub when detecting the user/repo pattern:

npm install githubuser/repo
npm install github:githubuser/repo

To install things from other popular/public Git servers, change the github: to one of the supported vendors:

npm install github:githubuser/repo
npm install bitbucket:bitbucketuser/repo
npm install gitlab:gitlabuser/repo

Finally, npm install also supports installing gists from GitHub:

npm install gist:githubuser/gistid

The githubuser/ here is optional, so you can simply pass in the gistid as well.

You can read all about this in the npm install docs.


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