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Easily create high resolution Twitter screenshots with “Screenshot a Tweet”

Nice new tool by Cameron Adams (The Man in Blue): just enter the URL of a tweet, et voila: you get a screenshot – without any cruft and in a decent resolution – in return. To do this on the … Continue reading

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Accessing a tweet using only its ID (and without the Twitter API)

Today I learned that Twitter totally ignores the username in the “tweet detail route” on their website. This allows you to view details of a (public) tweet when knowing only its ID, without needing to access the Twitter API (which … Continue reading

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When Twitter Refuses to Delete Abusive Tweets …

Shahak Shapira: Over the last months, I reported about 300 hate tweets. Twitter failed to delete most of them, so I sprayed them in front of their office. Nice guerilla action. Hopefully this will now get Twitter’s attention. Sidenote: Dustin … Continue reading

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The True Story of the “Ellen Selfie”

Talking about The Oscars, the story behind the famous “Ellen Selfie” is quite interesting: From time to time, people ask me how that selfie came to be. It’s a pretty good story of collaboration, partnership and professionalism. And these days, … Continue reading

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Twitter allows you to download your tweet archive, but that archive doesn’t contain your images. Ergo, it is not really an archive. This script downloads all the images from your tweets locally and rewrites the archive files so that they … Continue reading

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A billion dollar gift for Twitter

Anil Dash was asked by Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter in case that name doesn’t ring a bell) if they could have a talk to spewing some ideas on fixing Twitter. Anil declined the talk. Instead, he wrote an article … Continue reading

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205,000 Verified Twitter Accounts and 19,000,000 Connections Between Them

click to enlarge The mapping nerd in me would love to see a geo-accurate version of this … From Analyzing 205,718 Verified Twitter Users

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Pure CSS Twitter Heart Animation

Ana Tudor has recreated the Twitter Heart Animation in pure CSS: See the Pen no sprite, no JS heart animation – click it! by Ana Tudor (@thebabydino) on CodePen. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions in the original post. The most … Continue reading

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Getting the actual GIF from a tweet with TWEET2GIF

Twitter supports GIFs (and more recently: longer/bigger GIFs!), yet they render them as MP4 files. So how to get the original GIF? Enter TWEET2GIF: Ever wanted to download that gif that you saw on Twitter? Maybe share it on Facebook … Continue reading

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OreillyCover Twitter Bot

In succession to those hilarious The Practical Developer Book Covers, the Twitter bot @OreillyCover has been created by @GNUmanth. It allows you to roll your own book covers by just tweeting at it. Feed the bot tweets using the following … Continue reading

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