Styling Ordered Lists with CSS Counters

Using CSS Counters, Josh W Comeau injects his own number in ordered lists. That way he can style the number itself separately. ol li { counter-increment: muffins; } ol li:before { content: counter(muffins) ". "; color: hotpink; } ol { list-style: none; counter-reset: muffins; } Apart from styling, I find this technique come in handy […]

<ol>‘s start and reversed attributes (and more)

#HTML tip for today: <ol> element has `start` and `reversed` attributes! Some examples where it's useful:`start` → paginated results`reversed` → "top 10 best … " lists — Tomek Sułkowski (@sulco) March 20, 2020 Handy for those end-of-year lists 😉 ~ Apart from overriding the list style using CSS’s list-style-type (which you should set it […]

Change the marker of a list to any character with list-style-type: <string>

Since CSS Level 2, CSS list-style-type has supported keywords like disc or decimal to define the appearance of the list item marker. Landing in Chrome 79, and also available in Firefox ever since version 39, is the ability to set it to an arbitrary string. Here’s a pen that demonstrates its behavior / usage: Let’s […]