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Recreating the GitHub Contribution Graph with CSS Grid Layout

Recently, I decided to try to recreate the GitHub Contribution graph using CSS Grid Layout, and found it was an interesting challenge. As I always find while working with CSS Grid Layout, I end up with far less CSS than … Continue reading

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Improve the GitHub Website with “Refined GitHub”

Refined GitHub is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox “that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features”. The nice list of additions includes URL Condensing (pictured above) and Markdown preservation when copying comments (pictured below). The extension is … Continue reading

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Context aware MySQL pools via HAProxy

At GitHub they use MySQL as their main datastore. The setup is a typical “single-writer-multiple-readers” design. They loadbalance between server pools using HAProxy, with some cleverness built in: Instead [of checking whether a MySQL server is live with mysql-check], we … Continue reading

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Using <details> in GitHub

Turns out you an use the <details> element in GitHub: <details> <summary>Summary Goes Here</summary> …this is hidden, collapsable content… </details> Handy if you have a rather big stack trace that might make your comment a tad too cluttered: Going into … Continue reading

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Deployment at Github

All deployments happen in chat via Hubot commands, which ensures that everyone in the company (from development to operations to support) has visibility into changes that are being pushed into production. Deploying branches to GitHub.com → Reminds me of how … Continue reading

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The $2375 Amazon AWS mistake

When I got to GitHub, I checked my application.yml, and it was online with my [Amazon S3] API keys… Crap! I reverted the last few commits, and deleted all traces from GitHub. I was able to clean it up within … Continue reading

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Github User SSH Public keys

TIL: Visit https://github.com/username.keys to get any Github user his/her SSH Public Keys (e.g. https://github.com/bramus.keys). In addition, this handy one-liner comes to mind: curl -L https://github.com/username.keys >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys (via)

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GitHub’s CSS

I’m always interested in the development details of other products, particularly their styleguides and approach to CSS. Given my penchant for the otherwise inane CSS details, I decided to write a bit about GitHub’s CSS. Always great to see how … Continue reading

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Great minds …

You know what they say, “Great minds should have searched Github first.” — Shaun Inman (@shauninman) May 19, 2014

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Gistbox – Code Snippet Organization App for GitHub Gists

The Beautiful Way to Organize Code Snippets GistBox is the personal code library you’ve always wanted Gistbox →

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