Gone Diving

Right now I’m packing my bag, as I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow. I’ll be going on a 10 day diving-trip to Tulum (Mexico) with my diving club Bubbledivers. It’s the first time I’m going to Mexico, and the first time I’ll be diving the Cenotes.

Cenote diving in Tulum (All Mexico 365)

It’s a welcome vacation, as I’ve been really busy the past three months, both on a personal as a professional level:

  • Getting our first employee up and running (along with all extra HR-related work that comes along with that, something I wasn’t made for I must admit)
  • Mentoring a student employee
  • Attending meetups and conferences such as Fronteers Conference and Full Stack Europe (both of which were wonderful)
  • Creating a new workshop “React from Scratch” and adapting a few talks for Full Stack Europe (that got me pumped!)
  • Spending time with the family
  • Gathering and preparing lots of stuff – from a bed and clothes to a card design and domain name – for our soon-to-be-born son (expected January 2020)
  • Attending no less than 4 weddings in 6 weeks time (!)
  • Catching up with RSS feeds and blogging out interesting links (I failed at the latter 😅)
  • …and – in between – doing some actual work

👋 See you in 11 days, fully recharged!

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