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Fix for the Android Emulator crashing during launch

On a recent project I was working on, I wasn’t able to start the Android Emulator anymore from within Android Studio. It would launch, but then – without any errors or warnings – close all by itself. Upon launching the … Continue reading

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LocalStack – A fully functional local AWS cloud stack

At work we’ve been using several separate docker images – such as instructure/fake-s3 and airdock/fake-sqs, orchestrated by docker-compose – to run a few of the Amazon Web Services locally. LocalStack provides the whole lot in one: LocalStack provides an easy-to-use … Continue reading

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Prevent time drift in Docker with docker-time-sync-agent

Today, at work, a colleague of mine ran into some time issues with his Docker containers: the time was clearly off. Turns out it’s a common problem: Docker’s daemon fails to update the VM’s time after computer wakes up from … Continue reading

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