Transforming elements via Javascript in all browsers at once can be a real pain in the ass (think vendor prefixes). Enter TranformJS: 2D and 3D transforms as regular CSS properties you can set using .css() and animate using .animate() In code that basically means you can now use this: $(‘#test’).animate({ translateY:’+=150′, scale:’+=2′, rotateY: ‘+=’+(2*Math.PI), rotateX: […]

RE: Rounded corners on images, CSS-only

Rounded corners are hot. They have been for a long time and still are. Recently things got a whole lot easier due to the fact that lots of browsers started supporting (their vendor specific prefixed version of) border-radius. One of the problems with it is that border-radius cannot be used on images. Tim Van Damme […]

Native CSS selector system to look up DOM nodes hits Webkit/Safari

Many javascript libraries have implemented functions to use the powerful CSS selector system to look up DOM nodes. Continuing the trend of standardizing and speeding up commonly used functionality from these libraries, WebKit now has support for the new W3C Selectors API, which consists of the querySelector and querySelectorAll methods. Sweet! 🙂 Native CSS selector […]