Opening links in Chrome for iOS

To actually open a URL in Chrome, the URI scheme provided in the URL must be changed from http or https to the Google Chrome equivalent.

Clever way to bypassing the fact that you cannot choose your browser on iOS (Sidenote: I wonder what would happen if Microsoft ever were to try this). Code example provided.

Opening links in Chrome for iOS →

CSS calc() in Webkit

As mentioned before, CSS calc() was about to come to Chromium/Chrome (Webkit). Since about a week ago, the first part of the implementation has landed into the Canary builds:

Adds calc expressions to CSSPrimitiveValue. This enables simple (ie no mixing of percents with numbers/lengths) expressions to be evaluated on most properties.

No mixing yet, but quite sure that’ll land with the next commit 🙂

Simple -webkit-calc() test-cases →
Webkit trac: Changeset 107688 →

CSS calc() in Chromium/Chrome

Three days ago this was committed:

This is the parsing stage of calc. The expressions are evaluated and expression trees are generated. CSS values are not created yet – that will happen in a subsequent commit.

Looking forward to the next commits, as this feature will make things — such as flexible columns with a little border in a responsive layout — easier.

Note: calc() already works in IE9+ and Firefox4+ (with -moz vendor prefix).

Chromium Changeset 106166 →