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Most of the time when you are navigating and reading a code-base, you need to jump between required/imported (whatever jargon your programming language uses) files. The “Go to Definition” functionality of Sublime falls short for most languages since jumping between these required files needs some knowledge about how the language or package manager of the language is working.

HyperClick tries to solve this issue. Currently, it knows how to jump between files in Javascript and Sass but can be easily extended to support more languages.

Ooh, I like this plugin a lot. Especially when clicking through our React+Redux based projects at work which tend to have a lot of files requiring each other.

UPDATE 2016.11.29: I’ve added support for Stylus to HyperClick. The pull request has already been merged 🙂

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ES6 ES2015 and React snippets for Sublime Text


babel-sublime-snippets contains a set of shorthands for Sublime Text to working more easily with ES2015 and React.

With it, for example, you can just type cdup followed by a TAB and you’ll end up with componentDidUpdate(prevProps, prevState) {…}.

Find it as Babel Snippets through Package Control.


Sublime Text 3 for PHP Developers

I admit, I’m a Sublime Text user. Why? Because it’s an IDE that plays nice for a lot of languages. Using Sublime Text I can let my students – from the first year up until the third – write SQL statements, HTML, JS, PHP, etc. in it all without needing to learn to work a new language-specific IDE (viz. MySQL Workbench, PHPStorm, Netbeans, etc.). When spiced up with a few plugins you can get Sublime Text to syntax highlight, autocomplete, syntax check, etc. any language you want.

The link below contains a nice overview of a few recommended plugins to make Sublime Text work rather nicely with PHP.

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Automating Front-end Workflow

Writing a modern web app these days can sometimes feel like a tedious process; frameworks, boilerplates, abstractions, dependency management, build processes..the list of requirements for a front-end workflow appears to grow each year. What if however, you could automate a lot of this?

Extensive set of slides by Addy Osmani. Solid gold for those wanting to start with Grunt, Yeoman, Bower, etc. Also mentions quite a few handy tools.

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