Logical Operations with CSS Variables CSS Custom Properties

Going beyond Binary Conditions for CSS Calculations, Ana Tudor takes it to a whole new level by introducing the logical operations (and, or, nand, nor, not, and xor) to CSS — all built on top of calc() Very often, while using switch variables, I wish I could perform logical operations on them. We don’t have […]

Conditions for CSS Calculations

In CSS we have feature queries (@supports) available to create if–else-like structs. What if we could extend our means of using conditions in CSS? Roman Komarov provides us with a clever technique – which involves using CSS Variables, calc(), and some binary logic – to implementing this type of conditions on a per CSS rule […]

CSS calc() in Webkit

As mentioned before, CSS calc() was about to come to Chromium/Chrome (Webkit). Since about a week ago, the first part of the implementation has landed into the Canary builds: Adds calc expressions to CSSPrimitiveValue. This enables simple (ie no mixing of percents with numbers/lengths) expressions to be evaluated on most properties. No mixing yet, but […]