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Little tool, written in elm, that converts ASCII to SVG. ASCII to SVG Source (GitHub) →ASCII to SVG Demo →

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SVG Heat Shimmer Effect

See the Pen SVG Heat Shimmer by Bramus! (@bramus) on CodePen. Using JavaScript the seed attribute of the turbulence filter gets randomised at a given interval. Along with the scale transform, the heat shimmer effect is achieved. SVG Heat Shimmer … Continue reading

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CSS vs. SVG Gradient Angle

Nice pen by Ana Tudor in which you can see how the angle set for a CSS Gradient and set for an SVG Gradient differ: . At a 45° angle you can clearly see exactly what the difference between the … Continue reading

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Relative Positioning Inside an SVG

Sara Soueidan, who else, has written an extensive article on how to mimic relative positioning in an SVG. The gist: nest your SVGs. Whilst her examples are – as per usual – very extensive and complete, I took the liberty … Continue reading

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CSS conic-gradient() Polyfill

<script src=”https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/prefixfree/1.0.7/prefixfree.min.js”></script> <script src=”conic-gradient.js”></script> Conic gradients are awesome, but browsers haven’t realized yet. This polyfill lets you experiment with them now. By Lea Verou. Automatically creates an SVG which is set as the background. Uses -prefix-free. Alternatively you can also … Continue reading

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Building better interfaces with SVG

Solid presentation by @SaraSoueidan herself. Recently rebuilt a flash site using a SMIL animated SVG logo (embedded below). Presentations like these, packed with code and real examples, are very helpful. Check out this Pen!

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SVG and <picture>

<picture> <!–[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]–> <source type="image/svg+xml" srcset="path/to/header–full.svg"> <source type="image/svg+xml" srcset="path/to/header–medium.svg" media="(max-width: 1024px)"> <source type="image/svg+xml" srcset="path/to/header–small.svg" media="(max-width: 640px)"> <!–[if IE 9]></video><![endif]–> <img src="path/to/header-1x.png" srcset="path/to/header-2x.png 2x, path/to/header-3x.png 3x" alt="Header description"> </picture> Besides using an SVG as a background image in … Continue reading

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Polylion: SVG polygon animation

Using a tad of JavaScript it iterates all <polygon> elements of the SVG and animates them using TimelineMax. It’s also possible without TimelineMax, by using a CSS animation, and by changing animation-delay per <polygon>. // SCSS @keyframes polyonlion-animation { to … Continue reading

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Using SVG Patterns as Fills

Define a <pattern>, give it an id, and then use it as a fill on an other SVG element using said id: <svg height="10" width="10" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" version="1.1"> <defs> <pattern id="circles-1" patternUnits="userSpaceOnUse" width="10" height="10"> <image xlink:href="" x="0" y="0" width="10" height="10"> </image> … Continue reading

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Landline – Simple SVG maps that work everywhere.

Landline is a JavaScript library that creates SVG maps from GeoJSON. It comes with Stateline, which makes creating responsive U.S. state and county maps easy. Also perfectly possible to load in your own GeoJSON file, packed with MultiPolygons. Landline Source … Continue reading

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