Perfect Tooltips With CSS Clipping and Masking

In this post Louis Hoebregts creates nice tooltips. No, not a typical triangle injected at the bottom but a nice curved one, also letting the image underneath peek through.

For it he uses mask-image consisting of two parts: one rectangle overlaying the top part of the image + one SVG arrow overlaying the bottom part.

.tooltip {
    linear-gradient(#fff, #fff), /* Rectangle */
    url('data:image/svg+xml;utf8,'); /* Bottom  arrow */
    0 0, /* Rectangle */
    50% 100%; /* Bottom arrow */
    100% calc(100% - 18px), /* Rectangle */
    38px 18px; /* Bottom arrow */
  mask-repeat: no-repeat;

See the Pen
Idea #3 – Responsive complex clipping in CSS
by Louis Hoebregts (@Mamboleoo)
on CodePen.

Cranking it up a notch he even creates some nice looking message bubbles.

Perfect Tooltips With CSS Clipping and Masking →

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