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A tiny library for recreating Instagram filters with CSS filters and blend modes. CSSGram →

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Image diffing using CSS

Let’s say we want to find the difference between these two images Using just one line of CSS (be it a filter, or the more recent mix-blend-mode) one can actually achieve this: Image diffing using CSS → (via @lensco)

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CSS Filterlab

While we have to wait for CSS Custom Filters to hit mainstream browsers, you can use CSS Filter Lab to play with built-in CSS filters already available in most WebKit browsers today, including Chrome, Safari, and even Mobile Safari on … Continue reading

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CSS Filters Demo

Single page demoing all the new CSS filter effects (grayscale, sepia, hue-rotate, invert, brightness, contrast, blur, saturate, drop-shadow & opacity). Not to be confused with the legacy IE filter CSS property, which has been deprecated. Use Chrome or IE10 dev … Continue reading

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GPU Accelerated CSS Filters in Chromium

img { -webkit-filter: sepia(100%) contrast(200%) blur(5px); } The current set of supported filters in Chromium include many that are familiar to web developers with image processing experience, such as sepia, saturation, opacity, and blurs. GPU acceleration of these filters brings … Continue reading

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