Olympic Ceremony Audience Pixels

In early 2009, Crystal was appointed as the official Digital Imaging Services Supplier for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
One of our proudest achievements was the creation of the 90 minutes of spectacular content for the Audience Pixels and Roof LED animations during the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Again: Pixelphones

Disney’s “Glow with the Show”

Disney has added a spectacular new element to its World of Color light show at the Disney California Adventure Park, equipping audience members with LED Mickey Mouse ears controlled remotely via infrared (IR). According to an explanatory video posted by Disney, the ears communicate with IR controllers grouped into spatial zones, allowing technicians to perform actions such as sweeping changes of color.

Reminds me of Seb’s Pixelphones

(via The Verge)

Loop Waveform Visualizer

The Loop Waveform Visualizer uses a combination of level and waveform data to produce a circular audio visualization of any MP3. Use the mouse to tilt and the mousewheel to zoom.

Now this thing is really amazing. Couldn’t even imagine this being so responsive. Very, very neat. Canary Chrome required.

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