React Navigation 5.0 alpha – Rethinking Navigation as a Component-first API

Just announced at React Native EU is an alpha release of React Navigation 5.0, a navigator for use with React Native.

An exploration of a component-first API for React Navigation for building more dynamic navigation solutions.

  • Should play well with static type system
  • Navigation state should be contained in root component (helpful for stuff such as deep linking)
  • Component-first API

Instead of using constructs where you had to call the createStackNavigator function with an object …

const AppNavigator = createStackNavigator({
  Home: {
    screen: HomeScreen,

… there’s now a component that provides you with it:

const Stack = createStackNavigator();

function App() {
  return (
        <Stack.Screen name="Home" component={HomeScreen} />

React Navigation @next Documentation →
React Navigation @next Source (GitHub) →

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