JavaScript’s Syntactic Quirks

Jason Orendorff looked into the JS spec, in detail … JavaScript is rather hard to parse. Here is an in-depth accounting of its syntactic quirks, with an eye toward actually implementing a parser from scratch. One quirk most JS devs have will have certainly heard of is Automatic Semicolon Insertion (ASI). JavaScript’s Syntactic Quirks →

Responsive Images the Simple Way

The logic behind displaying an image responsively is complicated. It involves determining how large the image will be displayed, as well as understanding whether the user is on a high-resolution display, among other things. Thankfully, the browser is better equipped than we are to handle this logic. All we need to do is give it […]

Composer Inline Aliases: Fake a PHP Package Version by Aliasing a Specific Commit to it

Great tip by Mattias: TIL: you can fake package versions in composer using the "as" alias. Useful to force install certain versions while keeping other dependencies in check! 👍 — Mattias Geniar (@mattiasgeniar) April 16, 2020 You can alias directly when requiring a package: composer require monolog/monolog:”dev-bugfix as 1.0.x-dev” Surely comes in handy when locally […]

The Cost of Javascript Frameworks

Tim Kaldec has measured the JavaScript bytes and the JavaScript CPU time for a bunch of sites. Right now, if you’re using a framework to build your site, you’re making a trade-off in terms of initial performance—even in the best of scenarios. Some trade-off may be acceptable in the right situations, but it’s important that […]

Limit the colors to choose from in <input type=”color”> with <datalist>

Christian Heilman: The input type colour supports the list attribute, which allows you to define a preset list of options. The colours need to be defined as hexadecimal colours. They can be defined as values or text inside the option tags, but the values take precedence. Pictured at the top of this post is how […]