JavaScript: Restart all CSS Animations of an Element

Recently built a demo that demonstrated a specific animation. Only problem: if you missed it, you had no way of restarting it. Instead of forcing the visitor to reload the page, this little JavaScript-snippet – attached to a button click – did the trick: const restartAnimations = ($el) => { $el.getAnimations().forEach((anim) => { anim.cancel();; …

CSS: Select first x items

Because I keep forgetting this, an entry on the blog so that my future self can find it back easily: CSS: Want your first 5 list items to be bold? li:nth-of-type(-n + 5) {font-weight: bold;} Start with the # of list items you want to impact, then increment backward with -n. — Estelle Weyl (@estellevw) …

Authenticate with sudo using Touch ID

Turns out it’s possible to authenticate with sudo using Touch ID, as per this (old) tweet by Cabel: Pro MacBook Pro Tip: have a Touch Bar with Touch ID? If you edit /etc/pam.d/sudo and add the following line to the top… auth sufficient …you can now use your fingerprint to sudo! — Cabel (@cabel) …

Multi-line Highlights in CSS

These lines aren’t injected using ::after or the like, but are done via backgrounds. The key CSS property you’re looking for is display: inline; though, as set on the p elements; without it, it won’t work. That last swipe effect also uses box-decoration-break clone; so that each line animates in parallel.

Generate code screenshots straight from within Visual Studio Code with Polacode

Remember those really nice screenshots of code, generated with Carbon? Polacode is an extension for Visual Studio Code that offers (somewhat) the same functionality directly inside the IDE. Polacode – Polaroid for your Code →