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carbon-cli – Carbon, from the CLI

carbon-cli is a CLI tool which interacts with the aforementioned Carbon, allowing you to create beautiful images of your source code. Installation per NPM/Yarn, or run it directly using npx npm i -g carbon-cli Usage is quite simple: carbon -f … Continue reading

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Generate code screenshots straight from within Visual Studio Code with Polacode

Remember those really nice screenshots of code, generated with Carbon? Polacode is an extension for Visual Studio Code that offers (somewhat) the same functionality directly inside the IDE. Polacode – Polaroid for your Code →

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Create and share beautiful images of your source code with Carbon

Carbon is a great tool to create lovely source code screenshots you can share. Just start typing, or drop a file into the textarea. An example image generated by Carbon is included above. Supports several themes and syntaxes. Carbon →

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Does code need to be perfect?

Andreas Creten, founder of Made With Love, on different needs in code quality depending on what type of product (POC, MVP, …) you are making. Until your MVP really gets traction you can run on shitty code or even do … Continue reading

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Spectacle CodeSlide: Present code with style

Present code with style using spectacle. Awesome way to present code, and putting the focus of the reader where it needs to be. It also lets you jump to specific lines even if they’ve already been displayed before (because code … Continue reading

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Easily create new CLI aliases with `new-alias`

I love stuff like this: It’s a handy little alias to create aliases for commands you just ran … an “alias-generating alias”; my inner geek rejoices 🙂 Here’s the code (add it to your .bash_profile): new-alias() { local last_command=$(echo `history … Continue reading

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Write NASA worthy code

A verifiable set of well-chosen coding rules could make critical software components more thoroughly analyzable, for properties that go beyond compliance with the set of rules itself. To be effective, though, the set of rules has to be small, and … Continue reading

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Batch install dependencies in all subfolder-organised projects

As a lecturer ICT I have to correct the work our students make. Therefor I collect all solutions and put them in a subfolder-organised structure on disk: per student I create a subfolder and put their solution into that folder(*). … Continue reading

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Bolts Framework: Tasks

[[object saveAsync:obj] continueWithBlock:^id(BFTask *task) { if (task.isCancelled) { // the save was cancelled. } else if (task.error) { // the save failed. } else { // the object was saved successfully. SaveResult *saveResult = task.result; } return nil; }]; Bolts … Continue reading

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Video embeds for the Social

About half a year ago I’ve changed how I embed videos here on bram.us. No, I’m not embedding responsively but I’m embedding Vimeo and YouTube clips along with its poster frame (= the image you see before the video starts … Continue reading

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