Use C, Rust, Go, etc. code inside PHP with “Foreign Function Interface“ (PHP FFI)

A new extension that comes with PHP 7.4 (which was released today 🎉) is Foreign Function Interface. On the JoliCode Paris website there’s a nice article introducing it: PHP Foreign Function Interface, or FFI for fans, is a PHP extension that allows you to include with ease some externals libraries into your PHP code. That […]

SVG favicons in Chrome

A commit that landed in Chromium (and which will be available in Chrome 80) is support for SVG favicons. 🎉 🦊 Firefox already has support for SVG favicons, ever since version 41 Since most (all?) browsers always make a request to favicon.ico you can also serve an SVG at that location with the image/svg+xml MIME […]

jQuery, now using ECMAScript module syntax

A nice commit migrating away from AMD Modules to ECMAScript modules recently landed in the jQuery repo. Once published as a new release, you’ll be able to actually import $ using the modern ES module syntax: import $ from "jquery"; $('#message').text('Hi from jQuery!'); Handy if you’re modernizing a legacy project that still uses jQuery. 💡 […]

WebAssembly: To the Browser and Beyond!

Presentation by Patrick Hamann as given at WebAssembly (or Wasm) is a compilation target for the open web; often considered a hard-to-approach performance optimisation for your browser applications – but it promises to be so much more than that! In this talk we’ll debunk some myths about WebAssembly and explore what it is and […]